Beauty Surrounds Us

Beauty Surrounds Us

I must admit that I’m not always excited when fall comes around.  Which is odd because the summer is my least favorite season (not fond of the heat), and I’m usually glad when it’s over.  I mean, I love the beautiful changes that are happening, especially the colors of the leaves.  But my own yard becomes messy, brown, crispy and unattended; not to mention that raking is my least favorite job in the yard.  But a drive to the mountains at the peak of the color changes turned me around in a big way.  It’s amazing how a whole summer can go by before I realize I should get up to the mountains for a hike.  And once I’m up there, I’m instantly revitalized.  Motivated.  Inspired.  Less worried about life and positively affected on a deeper level.

I always manage to miss the peak of the aspen change if I even make it at all, but this year Georgina and I made the drive to Guanella Pass, which is a great loop from 285 to I70.  And I’m sure it’s not the most beautiful drive for changing leaves, but it was absolutely incredible nonetheless.  The weather was beautiful and the bright sun seemed to light up the yellow aspen leaves beyond reality.  I just love the contrast between the almost-blinding yellow aspen leaves and the deep bright blue of the sky.  We just couldn’t find the appropriate words to exclaim, other than OMG!  And talk about serendipity…we ran into a couple of friends on the trail.  Of all the drives, of all the mountains, of all the trails, we ran into them on this one!

Usually I can find inspiration up in the mountains.  The scenery is too beautiful not to feel something deep within.  Something that tells us that the world is much bigger than we can imagine.  And that the possibilities are endless.  Our potential is limitless.  Hopefully I’ll make up for the lack of mountain drives this summer and can re-discover the beauty of the Fall by planning several more trips before the snow starts falling.  Although I love what the snow brings as well.  How can anyone resist these incredible four seasons of the beautiful Rocky Mountains??






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