What I’ve learned in 2011

What I’ve learned in 2011

It’s impossible to get to the end of a year and not reflect.  Here are just some of mine:


–Facebook is a place to watch trends come and go.  (ie: Google +, Tebow, etc)

–There’s nothing quite so nice as to have my friends aging right along with me.

–Everything always works out.  The money always comes.  A better mood always follows a bad one.

–I’m not too old to slam my finger in the car door.  But I now understand that it’s about a moment of mindlessness, not because I’m a victim of a cruel universe.

–I can survive just fine without the newest technology.

–Living on so little money makes me appreciate what I do have.  I realize that having more money only means spending more money.  I now value what I buy.

–Worrying about things never produces positive results.  Trusting that all will be OK does.

–Wherever I’m at in this moment is not permanent.

— Random acts of kindness don’t have to involve extra money or time and can be done daily.  Things like taking my neighbor to chemo, shoveling their sidewalk and saying “hi” to a stranger are adequately helpful.  And necessary.

–The new year always brings about hope and an underlying sense that I will be better than I was the previous year.

And so, here’s to even more growth and happiness in 2012!