Crazy and Sexy

Crazy and Sexy

Years ago I saw Kris Carr’s documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer.  Kris was diagnosed with stage four liver cancer and instead of “getting her affairs in order,” she documented her efforts to find a way to get better.  Her journey took her to a more simplified lifestyle and a discovery of the ph diet, which centers on the idea that the body should be more alkaline and that most foods we eat today cause it to be much more acidic than is appropriate for good health.  Her diagnosis was almost a decade ago, and not only is she still alive (her inoperable cancer isn’t growing), but she’s turned the brand Crazy Sexy into a wellness revolution and has herself become a New York Times best selling author.

It inspires me when people take responsibility for their own lives and refuse to believe that they can’t change outcomes.  Witnessing other peoples’ inspiring success stories is a good reminder that we ourselves can indeed create the life we desire.  And as seen in the case of Kris Carr, just the simple act of gaining knowledge and taking responsibility for our health can bring about success in the most profound ways!



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