Dawn has a light touch and an easygoing manner, but don’t be fooled: she is ruthlessly focused on helping you discover and inhabit the life you want. She helped me make cultivating my creative self habitual, a daily practice as routine as washing the dishes but way more rewarding.  Dawn convinced me to take my aspirations seriously and gave me the courage to break my own path.  Post-coaching, I feel braver and more confident in my ability to follow through on my intentions.
Ellen G. Scriptwriter
Dawn Greaney is a natural coach and facilitator. She is patient, intuitive and wise beyond her years. She listens deeply and observes, then illuminates what lies beneath the surface that can hold us back or move us forward. She helped our team build the confidence and clarity we needed to take risks and unlock our potential.
Brigid M. Picture.Me.Here
I am completely fascinated by this process. After spending nearly a year agonizing over pros and cons lists and feeling completely paralyzed by indecision, I met with Dawn for two hours and have a newfound sense of purpose, a clear vision for the future, and practical steps to help me get to where I want to be. This is the effect Dawn has on people and I am forever grateful. I only wish I had met her sooner!
Christie P. Denver, CO

Dawn has the unique ability to quickly connect, listen carefully and hone in on the tiniest of threads.  She pulled on them in a way that offered discovery, inspiration and reconnected me with the self I thought I had lost.  Her questions were thoughtful, her discoveries were almost mystical and the conversations delightful.  In a brief period of working with her I was reacquainted with pieces of myself I had brushed aside or hidden.  These discoveries and the awareness of them has already brought much added value to my life and how I choose to move forward.
Karen C. Denver, CO
Dawn was quickly able to assess my situation and helped me to make a few small changes that, quite literally, catapulted me out of my rut at work. Not only did Dawn help me to get unstuck at work, but she also helped me to move past a negative mental rut that was affecting nearly every area of my life. Many good things continue to happen because of this shift!
Jen T. Denver, CO
Dawn has an inherent capacity to listen for what’s needed and draw out the concerns, passions and ideas of others. She is authentically selfless in her contributions and has provided priceless value to my team through her regular coaching and participation on the Board. I highly recommend Dawn to anyone looking for a coach who will create the positive, nurturing and common-sense space to support your personal and professional development.
Mickki Langston Executive Director, Mile High Business Alliance
Dawn is hard-wired to find the good in both people and situations. She doesn’t get bogged down in “what ifs” unless they’re productive, forward-looking propositions, nor does she get mired in negativity. Her questions and insights pushed me toward clarity and it felt intuitive. Somehow Dawn manages to stay above the emotional fray and resists coddling fears. She will help you to recognize the battles you have with your mind – the battles where your life is at stake. She helps you sort out the voices of the brain from the voices of intuition and she gives you permission to listen to your whole being – your body and your soul. Dawn recognizes the value of change, creation, and rich living. She’s a good one to have on your side.
Lindsay C. University Professor, Portland OR
Dawn is the person you want standing by you as you take on whatever is most important to you. I have taken on many things: new careers, new relationships, developing new ideas, transforming my health, new locales, you name it and Dawn was beside me reminding me of my commitments, keeping my visions alive- despite my attempts of sabotage. Dawn listens to and coaches me as a client and as a friend. She is amazingly resourceful, creative and focused. Dawn is unwavering in her commitment to relate to me as someone fully capable of reaching my goals and living my dreams. In fact, she won’t let me forget it. This changes how I view myself, making success possible. What a gift! For me, Dawn is like the neighbor kid in the sandbox who you trust with your secrets and then 40 years later she gently asks, “have you built that fort yet?” My dreams won’t die as long as she is around. So much is possible with Dawn in your corner. She comes highly recommended by me.
Kirstin O. Former Lobbiest, Public Affairs Specialist and Music Industry Survivor
Dawn and I met for an initial consult, went over my goals and she helped me break down the steps (baby steps) in order to meet those goals.  I was overwhelmed with figuring out how to pay off my debt, but breaking it down into small, measurable pieces made it seem real and possible.  She was awesome at holding me accountable and being available for questions, decisions, venting, crying, you name it!  Dawn called me out on my excuses, didn’t judge me (for making the same mistakes/choices repeatedly) and was there for me.  Her support, ideas and positive attitude pushed me to be successful – I will forever be in her debt (pun intended!).  I always recommend Dawn to friends or colleagues who have a hump to get over or just need a third party, non-partisan view on what is going on.  She holds up a mirror, offers alternatives, and lets you feel free to make your own healthier choices.
Rebecca M., CMP, DMCP Event planner
Dawn has a way of cutting through all the BS. Having known her for over 10 years, I’m continually impressed with her great insights she has about people, no matter how many hours or years she’s known them.
Kevin K. Giant Steps Consulting & Event Planning
As an at-home mother of three for the past four years, I sensed it was time for a change. I had been running a small e-business out of my home and began to find it unsatisfying and stressful on top of managing my children and their schedules. I realized that my energy had become stagnant in all areas of my life. I didn’t know where to begin to even identify what was going on with me or what needed to change. I reached out to Dawn for help and she has guided me over the last several months through crucial decisions, helping me to recognize habits that are no longer working for me and guiding me toward an action plan that resulted in my going back to a full-time job! I never expected that to be the outcome but I am rejuvenated and excited about what each day brings for me now. Dawn keeps me accountable to my goals yet is understanding and flexible. She really understands that sometimes the first decisions might need adjusting. I needed someone to help me see that my thinking was keeping me stuck. I am eternally grateful for Dawn’s guidance and support. She is worth every penny!
Summer S. Entrepreneur & mother of three boys
Dawn helped me go from feeling stuck and collecting information, to taking action. After seeing Dawn a few times I made two very big life decisions: going to graduate school and having a baby, both of which I wanted to do for years but lacked the motivation to do so. Dawn helped me to clarify my goals and to take action to make those goals realities. Dawn will help you get un-stuck!
Erika Denver, CO
Dawn brings to the conversation the wonderful combination of creative problem solving and straight-ahead, no-nonsense direction.
Matthew Denver, CO