What is Life Coaching?

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a results-driven partnership that navigates through a thought-provoking and creative process, inspiring you to maximize your personal and professional potential. Life coaching can close the gap between thinking about doing and actually doing, opening up the channels of self-discovery in the process.

Life coaching is about having someone on your side who can remind you about the best parts of you and help you let go of the not-so-helpful parts. Imagine having a partner who listens deeply, who challenges you with difficult questions, who becomes a sounding board for your thoughts and ideas, who can keep you on track with a positive mindset.


Why Life Coaching?

Sometimes you just need to hear yourself talking outloud to someone who’s not emotionally connected to you. To take things out of your mind and make them tangible. And to have someone help sort through those things and hold you accountable for what you determine your actions to be.  Athletes use coaches to stay on track, stay motivated and to have support & accountability in order to improve…we everyday people need the same.


Why Partnering With a Coach Works

As a life coach, I believe you have the answers to the questions that arise in your life so my job is to pull them out of you. Maybe you spent the first half of your life learning that being practical is the only way to succeed, and maybe you stifled your dreams and made decisions based on these early principles. Somewhere in you dwells the notion of something more. You may just need to be challenged in a way that inspires you to move into the direction of your own light. The practice of answering questions and becoming accountable to someone who’s not emotionally connected to you is an incredibly effective way of finding out what you truly want out of life and gaining the courage to make it happen. Once you feel that inspiration, anything is possible and your happiness will be infectious, provoking forward movement with more intention and clarity.


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