About Dawn

About Dawn

I am a facilitator of self-development.  I’m the kind of person that others tend to open up around. I’m incredibly curious about what people think, what motivates them, how they make decisions, why they believe what they do, and essentially what makes them tick. Conversations with me can be fairly one-sided; often people walk away realizing that we never got around to talking about me.

In 1999, I started kickboxing and eventually tried some jiu jitsu classes. After sticking with it even as difficult as it is, I learned that I loved the challenge both physically and mentally. When someone pushes into you, they expect you to resist. But if you go where they want you to go, they don’t expect it and fall off balance. What a beautiful idea! That philosophy of no resistance aligned perfectly with what I was trying to understand outside of class, although I still think that jiu jitsu is harder than life.

This past decade, I’ve been to places in Europe, Eastern Europe and Africa and can’t wait to go back. There’s something amazing about traveling far away to other cultures. I can feel like my world is getting smaller, my routines are getting etched in cement. But one trip overseas does wonders to open up my world again and makes me think about the endless amounts of possibilities. I would love to go to Vietnam and Thailand next. And I dream of traveling the world talking to people about how they stepped outside of their comfort zones and are living magnificent, meaningful lives; I want to live in those magical conversations about potential, possibilities and inspiration.

I recently quit my job after sixteen years as marketing director of a beloved and nationally-recognized record store in Denver called Twist & Shout. I wanted to point myself in the direction of where I wanted to be, to completely transition myself out of the music industry and into coaching full time. I loved the idea of taking a leap of faith, no matter how scary. I’m genuinely excited about the second half of my life.

Aside from coaching, I love my home, gardening, brunching with friends, being in the mountains, funny people, silence and watching documentaries. I’m a self-development junkie and spend time researching everything and anything to do with health, wellness, fitness and the brain; I can’t resist puppies, I rarely use capital letters when typing emails and I’m greatly attracted to the color orange.

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(photo credit: Brigid Mcauliffe)