Coaching Packages

I offer a free consultation to first time clients. Coaching sessions can be in person, over the phone or via Skype.

Coaching fees are due upfront and can be paid by PayPal, check or cash.

Monthly Coaching – $350

  • Three coaching sessions (face to face, phone or Skype) over two months.
  • Most effective for multiple issues and/or goals; you’ll receive continuing support and accountability.
  • Issues will be discussed and strategies will be created to accomplish specific goals, usually by the end of the coaching sessions.
  • Also included is unlimited email follow-up and accountability during that time.
  • Between sessions will include self-work, potential homework and directed actions.


Unstuck Coaching – $180

  • A one-time, two-hour meeting to discuss the major issue and develop an agreed upon action plan.
  • Perfect for people who are feeling stuck and just need to wade through the confusion of how to move forward.
  • Typically, only one session is needed to organize thoughts and clarify goals. The two hours can be split into two separate meetings, if needed.
  • Also included is unlimited email follow-up and accountability for two-weeks following initial meeting.

Health & Fitness Coaching – $300 per month (customizable)

  • For people who are serious about their health and fitness goals
  • Starts with a meeting (face-to-face or Skype) to hash out specific goals in order to create a plan for weekly activities, lifestyle and mindset changes and an appropriate timeline
  • Includes long term support and accountability in areas of fitness, nutrition, health, lifestyle and mindset changes; Weekly check-ins to discuss any issues, plus plenty of encouragement, inspiration and celebrations
  • Can be customized; New workouts can be sent every week; Meetings weekly to ensure proper technique and to talk about any adjustments needed
  • If you are interested and want more information or want to talk about your specific situation, please email or call: or 303-778-9128

Accountability Group – $90/month for 4 months (April – July 2017)

**A brand new group for 2017. How about joining like-minded people who can offer support and encouragement as you gain clarity on what you want and what you need to do to get it. You don’t have to do it alone!

Email to put yourself on the list or for more information

When:  TBA (once a month from April – July)

         Where:  Denver, TBA

Investment:  $90 per month/$360 total for the 4 months


  • A facilitated accountability group that meets face-to-face, once a month for 4 months (April-July); Location TBA, so we can be centrally located for participants
  • Each participant clarifies what they want to accomplish by the the summer and receive the ongoing support and encouragement of the group to help keep them on track
  • Each participant will also receive one-on-one coaching by me; two half-hour sessions each month for deeper support and accountability, plus email access for any roadblocks along the way.
  • Group size will be limited so each participant can take full advantage of the brainstorming, feedback, shared resources and accountability of the group; In order for everyone to get the most out of the group, a  4-month commitment is required
  • People who are in coaching groups are more likely to make big shifts, take bigger risks, and receive lasting inspiration from the feeling of “all for one, one for all” generated by a committed group.
  • If you are interested and want more information, or to reserve a spot, please email or call: or 303-778-9128 (for now meetings will be face-to-face for those living in or around Denver, CO)


Host Your Own Coaching Circle – $37 per participant

  • You host a 2-hour coaching group of 4-7 friends or co-workers at your home or office
  • A small group of participants come together to share dreams and obstacles and to offer solutions, support, encouragement and resources to others
  • Can be a one-time event, or you can choose the number of weekly gatherings depending on the theme or what the group wants to accomplish.
  • Hosts don’t have to pay and also receive a bonus coaching session
  • Everybody gets a chance to dive deeper within themselves to identify dreams and get support in breaking through obstacles and limitations; Each person will walk away with a customized action plan with follow up
  • Perfect for those who want a safe and more intimate setting with close friends; Makes a great birthday, new year’s, bridal party or anniversary gathering
  • If you are interested and want more information, please email or call: or 303-778-9128 (for now meetings will be face-to-face for those living in or around Denver, CO)